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Lace™ | Flat Never-Tie Lace

Deep Blue
Fluorescent Green
Light Pink
Rose Red

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✔ Works on any types of shoe with shoelaces

✔ Takes minutes to install 

✔ 1000's of happy lacers worldwide.

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Get yours today, and make your shoes slip ons! 

Introducing the shoelace you never knew you needed, until now!

What makes these laces so special?

  • Super Elastic! These laces have an amazing stretchability, meaning you never have to untie your laces again, perfect for when you need to get your shoes on in a hurry!
  • Super Comfort! You'll find comfort with elastic stretch and flex that will alleviate pressure points and provide a snug, comfortable fit while conveniently allowing you to slip your shoes on and off with ease.
  • Delicate, chic style! Our laces help upgrade any outfit instantly, adding a splash of elegance and style to whatever shoes they’re used on!
  • Super easy installation! Simply cut your laces to the desired length and attach the end clips and voila! No more pesky shoelaces!
  • Mega colorful! We’ve got an endless amount of colors for you to choose from, whether you’re a fan of bright and bold, or simple yet stunning, there is a color for everyone! 
  • Easily washable! Simply stick them in the washing machine if they become dirty and they’ll be brand new within seconds!

It’s time to wave goodbye to outdated, traditional laces and welcome a new age of shoe accessories! Not to mention they fit every type of shoe imaginable, from boots to sneakers to smart shoes! 

What’s included?

  • Material: High-quality metal buckle + Elastic rope
  • Length: 105 cm
  • Width: 0.7 cm
  • Color: 24 colors
  • Package includes: 2pcs laces (1 pair) and 4pcs metal buckles

Order today and get yours while stocks last!

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